Years of working at traditional real estate agencies revealed to us a flaw in the system. You, the homebuyer or seller, are often left out of the loop in favour of satisfying the demands of large corporate entities and franchise agreements.

We built The Foundry so we could play by our own rules. We believe in starting with transparency, and educating you on what’s happening throughout the process. We believe that the best deals go fast, but, when handled well, they don’t feel rushed. We have the freedom to innovate and implement new and improved practices as they emerge for your immediate benefit.

And, we can say with confidence that our word is our bond.

Marc McMahon_Foundry


With his finger on the pulse of Edmonton’s Real Estate Market, Marc has the critical insight necessary to get great deals for buyers and higher-priced sales for owners. With over 10 years experience and a multi-faceted real estate investment portfolio, Marc’s universal people skills and next-level negotiating techniques help his clients find the best deal for their needs. Well traveled and culturally aware, Marc has a keen understanding of people’s diverse lifestyles and works with a genuine commitment to finding each individual client’s ideal property. In addition to being personable and professional, his persistence and passion for the Edmonton Real Estate Market has led him to co-found The Foundry Real Estate Co.

Email Marc: marc@thefoundryrealestateco.com.
Phone Marc: 780.221.6997.



Bruno is a real estate agent that goes above and beyond for clients to ensure that their experience is positive and stress free. With a mix of good ol’ natural talent, drive, and loyalty, Bruno embodies the qualities that can put any competition to shame. With years of real estate experience, Bruno has always forged his own path to keep up with the ever changing real estate market and the needs of his clients. This path has led him into a successful career as the co-founder of The Foundry Real Estate Co.
Email Bruno: bruno@thefoundryrealestateco.com.
Phone Bruno: 780.964.2342.



Peter has been a Realtor since 2004 and continues to grow his brand based on his passion and social nature. He works to understand why people are buying or selling, where they've come from and where they're going, and ultimately what their most perfect place looks like. Peter’s experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness put him in a commanding position to educate & advise clients, and lead them throughout their Real Estate experiences. Over the years Peter has sold hundreds of homes and viewed thousands of properties. He is uniquely suited for matching a property to a potential home owner, and not only getting said client into the home first, but also getting them the Best Deal. Peter’s specialty is listening to someone, providing an educated and pragmatic perspective, and subsequently helping them make the best Real Estate decision for their future.

Email Peter: peter@thefoundryrealestateco.com.
Phone Peter: 780.904.4889.



With over 10 years of administration experience, and a background in property management. Jessica ensures that all our clients are dealt with professionally, efficiently, and with respect. Dealing with the public has always been something Jessica enjoys, and her willingness and keen attention to detail is what our clients really appreciate. She is always eager to ensure that everyone's needs are being met and her lively and outgoing personality brings excitement to our workday. In this fast paced Real Estate market, there are so many great opportunities for everyone, and Jessica is very excited to be a part of each and every Client experience.
Email Jessica: info@thefoundryrealestateco.com.
Phone Jessica: 587-523-3267.

Mike Carozza_Foundry


With a successful background in advertising and sales, mixed with playing and coaching sports at an elite level, Mike’s competitive attitude and hard-nosed negotiating skills make him the guy who will have your back throughout the buying and selling process. An unmatched ability to listen and understand the needs of those around him has allowed Mike to continuously achieve his clients’ goals and exceed expectations. His personable and professional character allows him to build and maintain solid relationships, and despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to give back to his community volunteering his time to minor hockey associations around the city that he loves.
Email Mike: mike@thefoundryrealestateco.com.
Phone Mike: 780.977.4606.


Mark Clericuzio, REALTOR

Mark has several years of experience working in the construction industry alongside homebuilders. With his strong knowledge of craftsmanship, along with his effective people skills, you will feel confident that Mark provides the support needed to fulfill your real estate needs. Mark has spent the last four years working with the public, building collaborative environments ensuring the achievement of common goals. He is a strong advocate of honesty, commitment, and with his all in attitude the desired outcomes for his clients are achieved.
Email Mark: mark@thefoundryrealestateco.com.
Phone Mark: 780-903-1594.



Roberta is the real estate professional you want on your side! With intuition and a respect for your individual needs, Roberta has the patience to guide you to your next home. Holding extensive experience in project management, and education, Roberta is a tough negotiator. With 3 generations of real estate behind her, she has previously had a successful fast paced career in the Calgary design industry. By coordinating multiple trades, finding creative solutions to problems, maintaining standards, and staying on budget, Roberta has transferred these skills into her Real Estate career to better serve you! Nurturing, teaching with a tough loving touch, she is the person you want through every stage of your real estate experience with The Foundry Real Estate Co.
Email Roberta: roberta@thefoundryrealestateco.com.
Phone Roberta: 587.974.9082.



With an extensive sales background, John has taken a next step with his professional real estate career. He is a very motivated individual who is driven to be an over achiever in anything he does. John will help facilitate your next real estate purchase, or ensure that your home sale takes off in the right direction. With a love for travel, culture, and food; John is a relatable individual who understands that his clients needs come before anyone elses. These attributes make him a key part of The Foundry Cog that Edmontonians know so well.
Email John: john@thefoundryrealestateco.com.
Phone John: 780.700.8681.